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BADLANDS is an online fashion publication which, quite honestly, was born out of frustration with much of today’s new fashion content. The purpose of BADLANDS is to create fashion content centered on major issues in the industry, most notably sustainability, in an actually kinda fun way. 

We figure what better way to promote a new, better, more responsible industry, than by starting a conversation that’s more engaging for everyone? BADLANDS isn’t trying to necessarily solve the major issues or tell anyone what they can and can’t do. Instead we just want to get everyone thinking about how they shop and how they can shop better, maybe with some tips on how to do so.


We know that the culture we live in makes it hard to make thoughtful fashion decisions. We also know that fashion right now is one of the most damaging industries to the planet.


At the end of the day, the land of fashion is pretty… bad. Rife with exploitation of fashion workers all over the globe and massive environmental destruction. What you’ll find here are the struggles, thoughts, and opinions of two mid-twenties women in the industry, trying to navigate the balance between loving and supporting fashion, and making better decisions for the planet and the people on it.


Fashion might be bad right now, but we hope that by starting to reconcile with how we shop, we might be able to make fashion just a little bit... good.

isha king

Isha is a postgraduate fashion researcher currently completing her master’s thesis on effective social media communications for sustainable brands at London College of Fashion. That essentially translates to “obsessed with Instagram… but for science”. Isha has worked and studied around fashion, marketing, and consumer behaviour long enough to know that the transition to a sustainable fashion industry is going to be an uphill battle. The nuances of fashion and class, privilege, and ethics as well as all of the other overlapping dilemmas that are unignorable in the fashion industry are her favourite topics to debate, discuss, and write about. Isha is an avid peruser of all things vintage and second-hand, spends her days in an impossible pursuit of the Scandi girl aesthetic, and can explain to you at length why someone saying they “don’t like cats” is a red flag.

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tori nergaard

Tori is a recent graduate of Parsons Paris MA Fashion Studies program and lover of baguettes and vintage jackets. She focused her writing during her education on fashion magazines from multiple angles, and fell in love with fashion writing in both spearheading her class magazine project and helping to produce zines founded by her friends and peers. After having interned at Maison Alaia, Tori has recently been able to continue her love of magazines, working with L’OFFICIEL in 2020. Outside of fashion, Tori has played bass guitar in several bands, and studied film during her undergrad, broadening her interest in fashion into the music and movie industries. Tori is obsessed with Lisa Says Gah’s take on sustainability and her favourite sustainable designers are Cecilie Bahnsen and Lykke Wullf. Tori’s everyday look is usually a fuzzy cropped cardigan and wide leg jeans and her most wanted sustainable item of the moment is a pair of vintage cowboy boots.

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