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6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made From Things You Probably Already Own

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

What's the most sustainable way to shop? NOT shopping!!! And while obviously shopping can't always be avoided, sometimes you need a specific new thing, sometimes ~buy thing make feel good~, but for Halloween, when you're likely to only wear the item once, what's better than crafting a costume out of things you already have? Not only is it not even a little bit wasteful, it's also kind of a fun challenge! What with COVID still haunting us, what else is there to do this Halloween but create a fun little costume and then sit on the couch in it at home? Since Halloween is today, here are six extremely last minute costumes for your entertainment, that you can probably make using things you already own!

Sharon Tate from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Despite coming out last year, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has maintained a pretty iconic film throughout 2020, so why not go as one of it's equally iconic characters? Margot Robbie's character, based on real-life Sharon Tate, most notably wears a super simple look when she goes to watch her own film. I KNOW you own a black turtleneck already, so pair with a white skirt (a basic many of us own), white calf-high socks and any white shoes. Blow out your hair, and even toss on a pair of sunglasses if you like, and you're good to go! Oh, and for those with a funky button up collection, try on Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth instead!

Sleeping Beauty

Looking for a comfy costume after months and months of quarantining on the couch? Have you considered Sleeping Beauty? Okay, so a princess doesn't seem like the most low-maintenance look, but think outside the box! Toss on your most glamorous pyjamas (bonus points if they're Disney Pink), a robe or slippers if you have them, and then a plastic crown! Now you might be thinking, how do you know I own one of those? And I cannot be fooled. I end up with one of these babies after every birthday party I've ever attended, ESPECIALLY if it is not my own. Now repurpose your birthday crown and get dreaming Sleeping Beauty!

Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris

Try your own notoriously chaotic Patricia Fields look! Emily in Paris is the talk of the town, or la ville, these days, mostly for its incredibly cliché presentation of an American in Paris (and as a former Canadian expat in Paris I tend to agree...), but that just means that everyone will know who you're supposed to be! Throw on absolutely every single colourful, patterned thing you own, and I better not see any two pieces that actually go together! This is your chance to repurpose some of the weird pieces that you impulse bought and make good use of them! Oh, and bring along a beret and un petit croissant, just to stay stereotypical.

Missing Hiker

We didn't forget that Spooky Shit™! When making a last minute costume from clothing you already own, never forget that any dead thing is Halloween appropriate. Here's one for you athletic girlies: missing hiker! Put on your literal actual hiking clothes along with an old camp tee that you don't mind ruining (and later recycling). Then, for some extra fun, get super liberal with fake blood (corn syrup + cornstarch + water + food colouring), icy cold makeup, however you feel like dying! You can even add some branches in your hair to really send the whole "lost in the woods" thing home. Get creative with your cause of death, scary has never been easier!

American Apparel Employee

This costume has a special place in my heart as a 2013 American Apparel employee (yes I have always been chic). We all have some leftover American Apparel garments hanging around from the 2010s so why not wear them one last time? The beauty is, American Apparel was such a mess you can truly wear any combination of items and still look like an employee! It's absolutely no joke when I say no pants, no problem! To complete your look, add a Starbucks cup (all we did was drink Starbucks and talk shit), a scrunchie, and an absolutely terrible attitude. Oh and don't forget the absurdly yellow "vintage" Instagram filter!

Girl Next Door

"Omg, she is SO not like other girls!!!" That's what everyone who sees you in this look will be saying about you this Halloween! This is arguably the easiest already-in-your-closet costume as you certainly have everything this simple small-town girl would wear (except her particular je ne sais quoi of course). Literally wear a white tee, all-American blue jeans, sneakers, and a scrunchie. Sports accessories optional. For beauty, give yourself ~soft effortless waves~, rock the "no-makeup" makeup look, and you will have the quarterback of the football team leaving his head cheerleader gf for you before the kids are done trick or treating!

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