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Etsy Ain't Over: 5 Small-Scale Fashion Makers In Anyone's Price Range

Back in the early 2010s Etsy was kind of a sustainability game-changer, even though we didn't quite have the ethical fashion language to articulate that yet. Yet, over the years, as social media has literally exploded into countless platforms, Etsy has been forgotten in lieu of Instagram boutiques and Twitter-driven web shops. But we here at BADLANDS never forget.

Although Etsy has taken a turn for the less-relevant into the roaring 20s, it's a hidden gem of countless diy-ers and fashion makers with responsible wares to sell. Etsy is a unique take on online retail that skews towards sustainability, as the platform serves up both homemade goods and vintage second-hand items. As a marketplace, Etsy allows shoppers to locate thousands of responsible makers in a single place, and as a seasoned-sifter, I highly recommend this platform for finding unique fashion goods that are highly underrated. Oh and the best part? Because most makers on Etsy are running a small hobbyist operation, their slow fashion creations are far closer to the average fashion budget than most sustainable brands!

But you're not alone in your search, we're here to be your stylists! No thank yous necessary, here are five small-time Etsy makers who offer classic clothes and trendy accessories for the concerned fashionista. As any BADLANDS reader can tell you, there's nothing smaller, slower and especially more sustainable than clothing made in minute numbers by hometown seamstresses like these makers. Without any further adieu, let's begin your Etsy journey...



Based in California, ShopSunDesignsCo offers up a fresh selection of cool knit niceties. The majority of this shop's selection is ideal for layering below coordinating knit cardigans, or over classic button ups and tee shirts. The DIY aesthetic is on the rise and Hana, the knitter behind this Etsy, has mastered it while still providing 5-star quality and precise lines and finishes. Hana's shop reflects fresh trends, yet her knits are still classics, and are ideal for chilly winter wear through their cozy construction and tanning in the sun thanks to their strappy styles.

Millie & Lou


BADLANDS is puff-sleeved obsessed, and Canadian Etsy shop Millie & Lou delivers. The Okanagan-based shop creates handmade basics in cottons, poplins and sheers, but turns up the chic. Each piece also comes with a scrunchie made from scraps, MaisonCléo vibes anyone? These elevated pieces are functional for anyone, made in simple patterns and neutral colours, and pair well with any of your favourites already in your wardrobe. Millie & Lou plays well with others.



It's actually illegal for me to go more than 3 articles without talking about an oversized collar. It's written into my contract. So with that, let me tell you about a great little shop that makes the perfect oversized detachable collars. Based in Poland, SophieAndHerStore offers a variety collars in every shape, size, pattern, and mood you could imagine. A doppleganger for the iconic GANNI accessory but just as sustainable, Sophie creates ruffled pieces that are a prairie-core dream. Simultaneously, she fulfills your e-girl fantasy, creating goth-look pieces that Elvira herself would approve. There's something here for everyone!



Patchwork is undoubtedly trendy as of late in it's many iterations. Whether it's a quilt jacket, or Ilayda's sexy or cozy patchwork pieces, cut and stitch screams 2020s. Turkish-made hershofficial creates frankenstein tops , which are sure to make a statement no matter what they're paired with. The young Turkish designer creates everything by hand from recycled existing garments, and no two tops are alike, whether it be stretchy and stringy tanks, or reworked hoodies. While many try their hands at this aesthetic due to its popularity on TikTok, this Etsy maker has mastered it. Upcycling is peaking with the likes of Ilayda's looks, and this designer is is living for it.



I have been searching high and low for workwear-style jackets, and Alla has aced it. ALLApparelArt is a Belarus-based brand offering a variety of classic jackets which are tailor made by hand. Designer Alla makes each jacket one-of-a-kind, taking slow and small runs to the extreme, and ensuring that you'll never show up to the even in the same piece as someone else. Her jackets are often made from colourful and unique plaids and in silhouettes which are oldschool clean yet contemporary, offering a breath of fresh air.

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