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FAVE FIVE: Kenna's Sustainable Closet

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This month on ~*~fave five~*~ we catch up with Kenna, a teacher living in Calgary, AB. She's had had an interest in all things fashion since she was a preteen with a Teen Vogue subscription and an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl books. As she's grown up (and moved her subscription to Vogue) she's continued to pay close attention to the industry, while also doing her best to cultivate a personal style that is timeless and responsible. Today she's sharing with us her favourite bought, borrowed and gifted sustainable pieces that she believes everyone should have in their wardrobe.

From Rachel Eco Polka Dot Tights

Every dress-wearer needs a good pair of tights, Canadians especially! Last winter a coworker told me to check out this Montreal based company for cute tights. As soon as I went online and saw they were eco conscious I knew I had to get a pair (or three). This is my favourite pair, they are adorable, fit like a dream and are durable - seriously I scrambled up and down a cliff in these babies and they are still in perfect condition. I love From Rachel because their eco tights are made from 99% recycled material, and they are dedicated to and transparent about lowering their emissions and plastic use. On top of this, they are also size inclusive! It gives me great satisfaction to know that I am supporting a small, environmentally conscious Canadian company!

Ralph Lauren Silk Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are an item that will never go out of style. My mom bought this skirt, and its matching top, in the early 90’s to celebrate getting her first ‘big girl job’. It was a staple piece in her wardrobe for the entire decade. 8 years ago, she lent it to me for a night out and I have never returned it. This skirt is now my absolute favourite piece in my wardrobe. It's so versatile! Perfect with tights and heels for a night out, chunky chelsea boots and a turtleneck when it's cold, or sneakers and a white tee in the summer. I seriously wear this skirt everywhere! My only hope is that it lasts long enugh to be passed on again.

Emerald Green Tory Burch Scarf

Ah, Tory Burch. I blame my 2000’s Teen Vogue obsession for this one. There is just something so nostalgic about this monogram for me. I saw this piece years ago while dropping off a bag of clothes at a local thrift store, and I just had to have it. The fabric is so soft, and the green is rich and vibrant. This scarf is the perfect pop of colour with any neutral outfit. I love it draped over a trench coat, or double wrapped around my neck on super cold days.

Balenciaga Motorcycle Hip Bag

God I love this bag. My cross body version of the early 2000’s classic Motorcycle bag is just big enough to fit my phone, wallet and a lip gloss. I wear it on nights out as it gives any outfit the perfect edge. I was lucky enough to have received this bag as a hand me down 4 years ago and it has been my go to ever since. Lucky for you, there are many versions of this bag available on The Real Real!

Grandma’s Pearl Earrings

The one thing I really truly believe that every woman should own is a pair of classic pearl earrings. So elegant and chic, but truly simple. When my grandma passed away in 2013 these earrings were among the items that were not spoken for in her will, and I was shocked when neither of my aunts or my older cousin wanted them. A little worse for wear, I took them to a local jeweler and had them replace the studs and backs. These earrings now appear brand new, and carry the special memory of my late grandmother.

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