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FAVE FIVE: Tori Nergaard's Sustainable Closet

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Sustainable consumption starts small. That's why BADLANDS is asking friends and fashionistas alike what their fave five sustainable pieces in their wardrobes are, starting with us! I'm Tori Nergaard, one of your two writers/CEOs/hosts here at BADLANDS, and today I want to share with you, in no particular order, my five favourite sustainable pieces in my wardrobe.

Vintage Brown Leather Pants

Starting strong with the absolute WORST textile for the environment, I'm sharing my favourite leather pants. Leather is actually pretty tough to consume sustainably as the chemicals used to treat it are almost always absolutely detrimental to the environment. Not to mention the factory farming often used to produce the leather textile to begin with. Luckily, nowadays there are sustainable ways to consume leather including vegan options as well as vintage, like these! These pants are extra special to me as I inherited them from my mom, but they're also a perfect cut for me and I couldn't ask for a better brown tone.

Second Hand Thrift Flipped Blouse

I got this pastoral little number at a thrift store in Austin TX, and when I first picked it up, it had some less than cute 80s secretary sleeves (and NOT in a good way) happening. I thought it was salvageable anyways and rescued it from going to a potential landfill to shorten the sleeves and I have no regrets! The embroidery pattern is so sweet, and I'm actually quite proud of my tailoring job on the sleeves, even though it was pretty straight forward.

Golden Ponies Tortoiseshell Boots

Sustainable footwear can be pretty hard to find so I was stoked when I found the Mexico-based brand Golden Ponies, where 2 sisters hand make fun and vintage-inspired shoes, boots and accessories. I happened to be looking for tortoiseshell boots everywhere, so when I found a new AND sustainable option it was like the best news ever.

Value Village Camel Blazer

I had been wanting a camel blazer for AGES so when I found the perfect one for like $20 at Value Village it was a very iconic day. This one is the perfect oversize fit for me, and has such great construction, so I'm super glad I crossed paths with it, it's definitely one of my fall staple pieces and also warm enough to be worn as a light jacket!

Levi's Dad Jeans

Impulse buys are usually pretty anti-sustainable since they undercut intentional shopping, but this was a responsible one I promise! I came across these Levi's dad jeans on Poshmark one tipsy evening and immediately knew I needed them! Not only am I their second owner, saving them a landfill-fate, Levi's are also markedly conscious of their environmental impact, which is something I even often forget, so it definitely felt good to pick them up!

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