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These Sustainable Lingerie Brand are Keeping it Hot & Sexy for Valentines Day

Look out girls and gays, love is in the air! As social media and advertisements alike turn seasonally pink and red, Valentine's Day inches ever closer to us, whether you've got a beau or not. I am not here to give you dating advice- from my experience romance is never really that sustainable anyways, it always burns out- but I am here to advise you on how to get in the spirit in a fun and sexy way!

Hating Valentine's Day is sooooo cliché, and while it's obviously pretty commercial-driven, which we here at BADLANDS can never get behind, it's never a bad thing to celebrate love whether it's romantic, platonic, self! So let's get into a little self-love in the most fashion-forward way we know how- lingerie. Lingerie is glamour, it's comfy (or at least, it should be), it makes you feel simply gorgeous. No matter who you're spending Valentine's Day with, there's no reason not to dress up for the occasion, even if you're the only one who sees it.

Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary lingerie is designed in lace and materials that are made from synthetic fibres, which isn't always so good for the environment. Plus, so many lingerie brands have been revealed to be producing in sweatshops which is the least hot thing imaginable. Oh, and so few are size inclusive, when we ALL deserve to be cuties next Sunday. However, in time for V day, BADLANDS presents to you three sustainable lingerie brands that let you love the environment, and yourself!

Soft & Wet

Hailing from Italy, the land of lace, silk, and all things sexy, Soft & Wet lives up to its name. The modern and minimalist small-scale lingerie brand features ever-trendy ruffles and glowy textiles which are still comfy cozy. This brand is loved by fashion girls around the globe, and for good reason. Founder and designer Alice Brnra commits to sustainability in her every business practice, sourcing all her fabrics from trusted silk manufacturers in her home country, using 100% recycled cottons, and making each piece by hand in the Italian countryside.

Her brand oozes transparency, sharing the locations where her garments were made, which is either in local craft studios, or in her own. The designer limits stock and waste, running in small batches, and even ships her products in plastic-free recycled boxes. Anyone who's ever worn an itchy lace will fall all over Soft & Wet's Italian silk and timeless silhouettes that last season after season.

Dora Larsen

British-born Dora Larsen is all in the family. This family-owned lingerie brand rejects the "sustainable" label, only because they recognize that no brand that creates products is ever really net-0 when it comes to making waste. Still, Dora Larsen strives to be more circular, using the maximum amount of recycled fibres that current technology allows, recycling and donating excess fabric leftover from production and locally sourcing textiles and trims to avoid excess transportation. Their lingerie features sexy sheer panels, and silky materials, is colour-blocked to heaven in sweet and sour hues. Dora Larsen is truly the scandi girl gone wild.

The brand, which is incredibly size inclusive, avoids any and all toxic dyes, ships in recycled containers, which they admittedly are working to improve even further, and produces in small runs. They also cares deeply about educating the consumer, sharing supply chain facts with their audience, like how many brands wastefully overstock with the intention of only selling 30-40% of their merchandise at full price. Dora Larsen is intentional beyond the environment too, building strong, in-person relationships through day-to-day interactions with their manufacturers, and permanently employing garment workers above the living wage. Dora Larsen, will you be our Valentine?

Fruity Booty

Fruity Booty has a crush on transparency. The London lovers are happy to answer any of your questions on how they produce, and they certainly have nothing to hide. With their size inclusive lingerie made by specialists with over 30 years of experience in Portugal, and their nightwear being produced in East London, this small-batch brand keeps it sweet and sexy. Fruity Booty loves trendy prints, ruched details, and every body type, and their flattering silhouettes are available in a variety of pleasantly surprising pallets.

And where do these prints and pallets come from, you ask? Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much... jk. 80% of Fruity Booty's fabrics are surplus, rescued from the landfill, further preventing waste. Like brands before them, they keep their stock low to minimize unnecessary production, and ship using recycled paper bags. Fruity Booty lasts long both in the bedroom, and out of it too, preaching aftercare through promoting conscious washing instructions, and sending pieces in reusable drawstring bags in place of packaging. Don't let your love go to waste baby!

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