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These Two Brands Have You Covered This Winter- Literally - With Sustainable Puffers

Slowly but surely, it seems every single fashion product you can imagine is being developed in a sustainable version. Only a few years ago it was quite the challenge to find something like sustainable shoes, or event dresses, but over time, brands committed to more responsible making have begun to produce anything you could dream of. As puffer jackets continue to grow in popularity winter after winter, thanks to their dramatic and fun silhouette, as well as obvious practicality for us northerners, sustainable puffers are at the top of the list for the conscious shopper. Yet, they can be a little tricky to find. Luckily, two committed brands offer very different takes on the sustainable puffer depending on your fashion needs.


For the more classic girl, who still likes a little twist on her apparel, I am pleased to introduce Jakke Coats. Jakke, meaning jacket in Norwegian (not shocking), was born in London with the intent on offering a more sustainable answer to animal fashion products that do not rely on oil production. While a lot of vegan fashion products are often regarded as a better option than real leather and fur (and don't get me wrong, they are considering how many toxic chemicals are used to treat animal products to turn them into garments, not to mention the whole killing of animals part), unfortunately most of these products are made from plastics, using oil and creating microplastic bi-products.

Jakke, however, has built fighting the reliance on the oil industry into their DNA, instead using recycled bottles to create their fur jackets and puffers. These bottles would otherwise end up in the landfill, or worse, the ocean, but instead Jakke ensures they go to a far more fashionable use. Essentially, a Jakke coat removes plastic pollution from our environment, and uses 59% less energy than a non-sustainable competitor by producing with 45% recycled materials.

Emissions and pollution reduction aside, a few other fun facts about Jakke include their commitment to producing in family-owned factories to minimize employee abuse, offering a garment recycling program for used jackets, and stand by their existing collection as to not over-produce new designs unnecessarily. Oh and if that isn't enough for you, their puffers are classically designed with just the right amount of spice, featuring a dramatic collar and sweet as candy colours and prints that are neutral in the same way that animal print is neutral (iykyk).


The Series is not a jacket-specific brand, but boy do they know recycling. The brand, founded in 2016 by Ella Wiznia, focuses entirely on repurposing already existing textiles and materials to create new fashion products. It's this recycling that's central to the brand ethos and aesthetic, and every piece is meant to look recycled, carrying over the themes and nostalgia the original items once bore.

What do I mean by this? For winter 2020, The Series began offering a fun and funky line of puffer jackets cut directly from the cloth of old comforters that simply scream childhood slumber party in the best way possible. Every customer is guaranteed to recognize one of the offered prints from their next door neighbours spare room or grandmother's basement, and wearing any one of these jackets this winter is bound to stir up old memories of staying up way past your bedtime playing your GameBoy Colour.

Aside from creating nostalgic statement pieces that save solid fabrics from the dumpster, The Series also commits to a variety of moral practices. The brand asserts that every one of their piece is one of a kind (absolutely), handmade in New York (we love handmade by properly compensated workers), created entirely of preexisting materials (duh), seasonless (minimizing production), genderless (yes), and for all beings. All good things, all good things! So look no further for a puffer that doesn't skimp on the social responsibility or the fun.

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